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Welcome to my blog


Hi there! Welcome to my first blog

I have been wanting to start my blog for about 3-4 years now (actually I try to start a blog on medium 2 years ago but already stopped) I think I like writing, for my first blog post I want to let you know about me, what's my passion, and what the thing that you can expect to see. Let's get started!

Introduce myself. 👋

My name is Chai Phonbopit (Chai is my nickname but you can call me that because it's easy to pronounce) I'm from Thailand, a Software Developer. I’m currently learning Rust, Solidity and Web3 stacks by night, and making stuff with Node.js / React.js by day.

Why did I start this blog? ✍️

Firstly, I want to say that it's very difficult to start a blog, especially you are not a native speaker. To be honest, I feel a bit nervous and so scared. but I want to push myself to the limit, so then finally I start a blog.

I love to write/read. Being able to share ideas, experience, and connect with new people through blogging is so fun and exciting to me (I also blog on my Thai blog for 8 years now), and yay! today I will blog in English. English writing is the thing I want to get better at, there is no short path, just PRACTICE!

Nowadays, there are so many nice articles, blog posts, tutorials I learned from there, I feel fun when finish tutorial and make it to my version (actually some code just copy-paste), every time I learn new stuff I feel so happy and I hope you guy feel the same as me.

Please don't be tutorial hell, don't follow every tutorial, courses and look for the best course/tutorial you will never find it. There is no the best course out there, you can't learn everything from one place, just pick only ONE tutorial/course and just start to learn, practice, and make it to your own after that share a blog post what are you learned, that's the method I used in my Thai blog.

Conclusion why I start this blog:

  1. I want to get better at writing.
  2. I want to teach myself about what's I learn
  3. Making a Good Habit. To be a better man. (Not a lyrics ♫)

There are blog posts that inspired me included:

Things I want to share (learn) 📚

Currently, I take a challenge #100DaysOfCode to refresh my knowledge about Web Dev and learn new stuff about Web3/Blockchain after I take a rest almost a year, and almost forgot everything :), I feel like I am better every day. I don't like to make a lot of TODOs like below, because I like to keep focused to do only ONE task at a time, here the list that I want to learn, upskill, and will share what's I learn on this blog :

  • Solidity / Smart Contract / Web3 - New to Web3 and want to discover and learn more buildspace, useWeb3, Web3.University, Figment, EatTheBlock and so many awesome people.
  • Node.js / React.js - The primary stack that I work for the last 4 years.
  • NFT - This is related to Web3 but I separated for only NFTs as collectors/ investors.
  • Rust & Elixir - There are both the language I want to learn more than 10* times, but didn't happen 😅
  • Data Structure & Algorithms - I think I lack of knowledge, I need to learn this too.
  • DevOps - This skill is cool, I know only basic Docker, want to discover about Terraform, K8s, and Cloud Native.
  • AI / Machine Learning - This is also cool, but it's very difficult for me, a lot of topics e.g. Math, Algorithm, Programming, just to know about the basics is ok.

No deadline, no pressure, some maybe I can learn in next week, in a year or maybe 5 years later. I can't promise anything, I just focused on learning. This is my learning journey, I learn from other people, I teach to myself, I practice, learn from mistakes and share my knowledge/experience with others.

Lastly, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for just being here and reading my first blog post. You can leave me any ideas or suggestions that you want to see in this blog.

Let's learn together!

Happy Coding ❤️